DynamisLab at the OuiShare Fest 2017

In the beginning of July our Erasmus Entrepreneur Doris will participate at the OuiShare Fest Paris 2017, taking place at the renovated Magasins Généraux in Pantin.

OuiShare Fest is not a typical conference or workshop – it’s an interdisciplinary festival that gathers 1,500 creative leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs, movement builders, purpose-driven organizations and communities from across sectors and countries who want to drive systemic and meaningful change. Together they explore how digital technologies and a more collaborative culture can address the great challenges of our time. The attendees of OuiShare Fest have many things in common: a willingness to experiment, step out of their comfort zone, collaborate and connect with other humans in a profound way. Based on collaboration, openness and fairness it started in Paris in 2013 by the think-tank OuiShare, has spread to Barcelona and Rio and will be coming to more cities soon.

In the context of current political turmoil, cities and citizens are at the heart of the next great transformation. That’s why this year’s fest stands under the guiding principle “Cities of the world – unite!” and brings together critical and thought-provoking conversations about the future of work, new powers, urban mobility and sharing cities.

DynamisLab is a living laboratory for sustainability, a space to share knowledge between businesses, citizens, administrations and the government. Our objectives are to encourage a sustainable economy while creating employment and synergies, promote EcoRegió and smart cities within a social and associative economy and push towards sustainable development. Currently we are collaborating with the UAB and CORE, working on a smart cities project in Catalonia while promoting Catalonia as an EcoRegion with our project EcoRegió.

The ouishare is a great opportunity to connect with mindliked people from all over the world, grow our network and receive insights in interesting projects from different countries, situations and given conditions. The programme for the 3 days of festival is very promising and will focus on how to rethink our cities, regain collective power and build global urban networks.

At DynamisLab Doris is mainly working on our project EcoRegió, the economic community for organic food. For that reason she is especially looking forward to the talk “From ‘Motor City’ to food resilience: how Detroit has risen from the ashes” by Malik Yakini and the following panel “Making food sovereignty more than a regional marketing concept” with 5 expert speakers.

At the festival site she will be helping with making it zero waste and get inspired for her project on zero waste events, rebuenoo.

We are looking forward to the input she will bring back from the ouishare and expect it to be a great immersive experience!