Doris Knickmeyer la nova Erasmus Entrepreneur a DynamisLab

Hola a todos!

Soy la nueva “Eramus Emprenadora Joven” en DynamisLab! Después de 3 meses finalmente es el momento de realizar la tarea “Doris, preséntate”, así que intentaré presentarme bien!


Hello! I am the new “Erasmus Entrepreneur” at DynamisLab! After 3 months it is finally time to accomplish the task “Doris, introduce yourself”, so I will try my best:


From studying Law and Management…

My name is Doris Knickmeyer (LinkedIn), I come from the North-East of Germany and studied Law and Management at the University of Bielefeld with a focus on business administration and company law. I wrote my thesis on “The rights of Minority Shareholders in Case of Delisting – Proposals to the Legislator” and besides my Bachelor degree I finished the juridical undergraduate. Eramus in Barcelona..

It has always been important to me to constantly broaden my horizon. To link the teaching content with my versatile private interests I attended language courses, seminars and lectures that were not scheduled for my degree, such as environmental law, English grammar and intercultural competence. The open system of my university gave me the opportunity to do exactly that, it stands under the guiding principle of interdisciplinarity to foster multiperspectivic approaches and problem-oriented crossing of boundaries between disciplines. What started with the mentoring of international students as part of the Brother-Sister-Program and learning Spanish lead to a stay abroad (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) and insights in sociology and environmental studies amongst others.


… to aspiring young entrepreneur. 

Over the last years the focus of my curiosity shifted towards sustainability and during my last semester in Bielefeld I’ve been committed to Enactus, an international student group dedicated to improve the world on a small scale by developing and implementing projects in which people are helped to help themselves with the concept of social entrepreneurship. Although it was too short, this time has shaped me a lot and showed me that everyone can make a difference. The entrepreneurship class at the UAB strengthened my will to start something on my own and Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, the exchange program from the European Union that connects experienced with starting entrepreneurs, was recommended to me. Now at DynamisLab I am supporting the project EcoRegió – the economic community for organic food in Catalonia – with strategic planning, content creation and marketing and work on the international presence.

I am enjoying the program and practical insights at the Living Lab for sustainability a lot and already started to put my entrepreneurial intentions into practice: reBuenoo is your contact to organize events with the objective of zero waste!


I am looking forward to the coming 3 months with DynamisLab, the tasks, challenges and many experiences!

Thank you for having me